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Keratosis pilaris — Glytone available for unsightly red skin bumps

Keratosis pilaris, AKA “chicken skin” is a genetic condition that causes the appearance of rough, slightly red or brown bumps that feel like sandpaper. It commonly appears on the face but can also appear on the back, arms, thighs and buttocks. When they appear on the face they can be mistaken for acne. Though not dangerous, KP can cause emotional distress.

What does it look like? Here are some examples:

Fortunately there’s help! Glytone Body Retexturize KP Kit contains:

1. Exfoliating Body Wash – apply to a pouf or wet washcloth and massage over the entire body, working into a rich lather especially on areas of the body that are the roughest. Rinse thoroughly. (Here at HWPS we love the face, but do not apply to the face or use immediately after shaving or hair removal)

2. Body Lotion – Apply daily to the body after using the exfoliating body wash (avoid the face). Use directly after bathing for best results. Do not use immediately after shaving or hair removal.

3. A body pouf.

This is a 2 step program that works synergistically to improve the texture of the skin for renewed smoothness, help reduce the appearance of unsightly KP, and hydrate and soften dry, rough skin. This formulation will even out your skin’s tone and texture for a healthier, smoother looking finish.

Availability: now at Hillstrom Wright Plastic Surgery, call 355-FACE (3223) for details

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