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A double chin is next to impossible to eliminate with natural weight loss methods, such as exercise and dieting. If you want to eliminate a double chin without undergoing surgery, Kybella in Sarasota injections might be your best shot.

Eliminate Submental Fat with Injectables

Excess submental fat tissues under the chin, also known as a double chin, can occur because of numerous reasons. As you grow older, your body starts storing more fat cells under the chin, leading to stubborn fat deposits that are nearly impossible to eliminate through traditional weight loss efforts. Until recently, liposuction has been the only solution to an unwanted double chin. But now, Kybella allows us to remove excess fat cells with a few strategic injections!

woman after kybella in Sarasota

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a cosmetic injectable used to correct submental fullness, i.e., excess fat deposits underneath the chin. Kybella is made of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance that stimulates your body’s ability to dissolve and metabolize excess subcutaneous fat tissues. When injected into the submental region, Kybella encourages your body to dissolve the unwanted fat cells and expel them from the body, making your chin and jawline look slimmer.

Benefits of Kybella:

  • Minimally invasive treatment for excess submental fat
  • Eliminate a double chin with a few cosmetic injections
  • The world’s first non-surgical solution to a double chin
  • No harsh side effects or complications after the treatment
  • Resume daily activities and work immediately — no downtime
  • Improve overall facial contours and appearance

Your Kybella Journey: Consultation, Treatment, Recovery

Your Kybella in Sarasota treatment starts with a detailed consultation with our medical providers. During the consultation, the medical provider carefully evaluates your skin quality, discusses your expectations, reviews your medical history, and determines the ideal treatment plan. The medical provider will determine if you’re a good candidate for Kybella treatments, discuss the pros and cons of the treatment, and curate a treatment plan.

During your Kybella treatment, the medical provider will cleanse your facial skin and apply a numbing gel to ensure comfort. The appropriate units of Kybella are carefully injected into the targeted tissues around your neck and chin using ultrafine needles. The number of injections depends on your specific goals, but patients may need up to 50 injections in one session. The entire treatment concludes within 30 minutes.

After your Kybella treatment, you may experience redness, swelling, tenderness, and bruising around the neck. You can also expect moderate soreness around the neck for a few days. The side effects gradually dissipate after a week. You may resume your daily activities and work immediately after your treatment, but strenuous workouts and high-intensity activities should be avoided for a few days.

woman after kybella in Sarasota

Kybella Results

Kybella in Sarasota doesn’t produce instant results. It catalyzes your body’s ability to naturally dissolve and metabolize excess fat tissues under the chin, so the results appear gradually over several weeks and months. You may start seeing improvements after a few weeks, but most patients need around 6 Kybella sessions spaced a month apart for optimal results. As such, the final results may appear after 7 or 8 months.

However, once the Kybella results appear, they are permanent. Once the unwanted submental fat tissues are metabolized, they can’t return later. However, you should still follow a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, and exercise regularly. Even though the same fat cells can’t return, your existing fat cells can expand if you gain weight, so you should maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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