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I was very afraid to get botox due to a bad experience in the past. I saw how well he had done my cousins glabella area and decided to give it one more try. Dr. Wright was very patient and I feel he knew exactly what I was wanting done. The experience was very pleasant and much less painful than my prior experience. He used a very unique technique and didn't have to inject half as much as I had before. I'm more than pleased with my results and will always be going to him for all my botox and fillers. I'm also going to have juvederm and will add my experience once I get it! They also have monthly specials which is awesome!!!! Thank you Dr. Wright!!!!

Sarah S.

Dr. Wright was very personable and took his time explaining the specific technique he uses when injecting Botox. He answered all the questions I had and by the end of the consultation, I new I was in good hands! Dr. Wright was conservative which was one of my main concerns. I am looking forward to my next visit with Dr. Wright and would recommend him to anyone!!


I chose Dr. Wright after having a couple of consultations. He only does plastic surgery on FACES -- there's a difference people! He spent more time with me than all of the other surgeons combined. He knows how to explain surgery to non medical people. And my results are natural and he stresses that. I didn't want to look like I had surgery and I don't. I'm too shy to put my pictures up but if you see me around you won't know I had a great nose job! Thanks to Dr Wright!!!


Had a consultation with Dr. Wright. He took his time explaining and answering all my questions and concerns. The details he provided conveyed his level of expertise. He outlined the surgery required as well as the recovery needed. No other doctor I visited was as knowledgeable, kind, patient and experienced. His team is extremely professional. Best in town. Highly recommended!

Nick R.

My experience was amazing!

I have had issues with my nose/breathing/esthetics since I was 8. When I finally decided to get it fixed, I was referred to Dr. Wright. This was by far the best referral I ever received. He was so detailed oriented. I'm the first to stress about Doctors and surgeries but he was so knowledgeable that he put me at ease before my procedure. The cast came of on day 7. No bruises at all. Not even any significant yellowing or swelling. simply unbelievable. It was like I didn't even have a rhinoplasty. The results are amazing and heal time was quick. Would definitely recommend to anyone considering getting their nose worked on.

Nata P.

I have had Botox a few times before and was comfortable with the physician I had seen. I recently moved to Florida and was very nervous to see a new physician. After researching on local plastic surgeons , I read some good reviews on Dr. Harry Wright. I went in for a consultation and left with an excellent Botox experience! Not only was my experience great, my results seemed to show much faster and was exactly what I asked for.


46 Year Old Mom, Working 2 Jobs, Struggling with Constant Sinus Infections and Issues with Scar Tissue from Old Surgery. The outcome was fantastic. My nose looks amazing. It appears very natural and suits my face perfectly. I've been complimented about looking younger, but no one can pinpoint what it is that's different. More importantly, I haven't had a sinus infection since the surgery, which makes working and caring for my family much easier.

T. S.

I was referred to Dr. Spellman from my dermatologist at Orchid dermatology because they took my insurance. I was having skin cancer removed on my forehead and since it was in a delicate area I prefer a actual plastic surgeon doing the closure. Dr. Spellman was so nice and explained everything in great detail. My scar/incision is almost disappeared and I only had the surgery in May. I was told that it could take over a year to get full results but I’m beyond thrilled with the results I have so far and we’re trust them was anything else on my face they didn’t excellent job.

LeaAnn B.

Dr Wright and his office staff and nurses are excellent. I had rhinoplasty and I am very happy with my new and natural looking results. From the initial consultation to the actual surgery and follow up appointments, Dr Wright was very helpful explaining the procedure and answering all my questions. I highly recommend.

Julie C.

First time getting filler in my lips with Dr. Wright. It was such an easy experience from start to finish. I felt no pain and Dr Wright is so nice and funny that he made any nervousness go away. My lips look great and swelling lasted about 2 days. The office is beautiful and the staff are all super friendly.

Amanda B.

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