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The ears don’t usually draw attention to themselves. But if they are excessively protruded, they may become the focal point of your face, leading to self-esteem issues and the loss of confidence. If you’re concerned about the shape or size of your ears, you may consider ear surgery.

Address Your Ear-Related Aesthetic Concerns

Aesthetic concerns related to the ears generally fall into two categories — protruding ears or drooping ears. Protruding ears occur when the cartilage bowl underneath the ears is overly large, thus pushing the ears far away from the head. Meanwhile, drooping ears occur when the cartilage along the rim of the ear doesn’t develop completely, thus offering limited support to the back of the ear. Our board-certified facial plastic surgeons offer personalized otoplasty in Sarasota to restore optimal facial proportions.

woman after otoplasty in Sarasota

Ear Surgery Can Correct:

  • Overly protruding ears
  • Overly large ears
  • Drooping ears
  • Elongated earlobes
  • Torn or split earlobes

Ear Surgery for Protruding Ears

Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a surgical procedure to improve the aesthetic appearance of the ears. Generally speaking, an ear surgery involves making a strategic incision on the back of the ear to sculpt or remove excess cartilage from the back of the ear, thus pinning the ears closer to the head. The surgeon can also add support to the back of the ears to improve the dropping appearance. The entire procedure concludes within an hour.

woman after otoplasty in Sarasota

Earlobe Reduction & Repair

You may also have aesthetic concerns related to earlobes, such as an elongated or torn earlobe. Your earlobes may get elongated because of the long-term use of heavy jewelry and earrings, which can drag the earlobes down and make them hang. Meanwhile, torn earlobes usually occur because of trauma or injuries, for example, when your earrings snag on a piece of fabric and get pulled right off your ears. An earlobe reduction/repair can correct the aesthetic problems related to the earlobes.

During an earlobe repair, the surgeon administers local anesthesia with light sedation to ensure comfort. After administering anesthesia, the surgeon removes the scar tissues that may be left after the tear, following which the earlobes are rebuilt. The otoplasty in Sarasota surgeon may use sutures to bind the two ends of the earlobes together to facilitate natural healing. The specific details of the surgical technique depend on the location, size, and shape of the earlobe tear. Your earlobe will heal with a hairline scar.

woman after earlobe otoplasty in Sarasota

Recovery After Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

After your ear surgery, you can expect swelling, tenderness, redness, numbness, and bruising around the ears for a few days or weeks. Your head will be wrapped for a few days to protect the incision site and protect the ears. The surgeon will prescribe medications that you must take to prevent infections and alleviate discomfort. You can start walking a few hours after ear surgery, but you must avoid activities that involve bending or placing pressure on the ears.

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Wright Spellman Plastic Surgery is a state-of-the-art facial plastic surgery center led by board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Our surgeons take a personalized approach to plastic surgery. They discuss your concerns and goals, understand why you’re pursuing ear surgery, and curate tailor-made surgical plans that ensure natural results. They have performed thousands of successful facial plastic surgeries and are committed to ensuring a safe and comfortable experience. Please schedule an appointment to explore your options for otoplasty in Sarasota.

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