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Skin Cancer Surgery

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If you’ve undergone Mohs surgery to treat skin cancer, you might be left with a large, gaping wound on your face. The remnants of your battle with skin cancer can be a constant source of self-consciousness and discomfort. We offer personalized skin cancer surgery to reconstruct your facial skin and restore confidence.

Mohs Reconstruction: What to Expect

Mohs reconstruction, also known as skin cancer surgery, is a procedure that aims to reconstruct your facial tissues after the devastation of skin cancer and Mohs surgery. Since no two Mohs surgeries are the same, the details of your reconstructive procedure will also depend on your specific condition and goals. Our facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons will examine the size and location of the treatment areas, discuss your goals, and recommend the appropriate surgical techniques for you.

Skin cancer surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. The entire procedure may take up to two hours, depending on the specific details of your surgical plan. Our plastic surgeons will walk you through every step of the surgical procedure, including the preparation and aftercare guidelines. As such, you will know exactly what to expect from the procedure ahead of time. The surgeon may recommend one of two techniques — primary and local flap closures or skin grafts.

Primary & Local Flap Closures

Primary and local flap closures are suitable for smaller treatment areas. Primary flap closure involves using simple sutures to close the wound and stimulate natural healing and cellular regeneration. But if the wound is too large for a primary flap closure, the surgeon may use the surrounding tissues to close the wound and boost the healing process. In this case, the local tissue remains attached to the body and brings its own blood supply.

Skin Grafts

Skin grafting is a surgical technique wherein skin is harvested from another part of the body and used to cover the wound left after Mohs surgery. The surgeon may harvest a thin shave of skin from the thigh (split-thickness graft) or a thicker layer of skin from the ear or collarbone (full-thickness graft). The specific location and depth of the skin graft depend on your unique needs. This technique is suitable for treatment areas that involve the cartilage, such as the nose.

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Wright Spellman Plastic Surgery is a state-of-the-art facial plastic surgery facility led by Dr. Harry Wright and Dr. Andrea Spellman. Our board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons believe in curating personalized skin cancer surgery plans that address your unique condition and needs. Our considered and personalized approach to skin cancer surgery ensures naturalized results that conform to your anatomy and expectations. Please schedule an appointment to explore your skin cancer surgery options in Sarasota, FL.

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