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The way we look directly affects how we feel. If your facial contours and appearance negatively affect your emotional health and wellness, we encourage you to contact our board-certified reconstructive and facial plastic surgeons in Sarasota, to explore your aesthetic treatment options. We offer a suite of surgical and non-surgical treatments to externalize and elevate your inner beauty.

Plastic Surgery
In Sarasota

The way we look directly affects how we feel. If your facial contours and appearance negatively affect your emotional health and wellness, we encourage you to contact our board-certified reconstructive and facial plastic surgeons in Sarasota, to explore your aesthetic treatment options. We offer a suite of surgical and non-surgical treatments to externalize and elevate your inner beauty.

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Wright Spellman Plastic Surgery is a highly-acclaimed and accredited facial plastic surgery practice specializing in a comprehensive suite of surgical and non-surgical facial cosmetic treatments. Our surgical facility is led by two board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons — Dr. Harry Wright and Dr. Andrea Spellman. We take a personalized approach to your aesthetic treatments, offering solutions that address your specific concerns and goals to ensure safe, consistent, and naturalized results.

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I had rhinoplasty and I am very happy with my new and natural looking results. From the initial consultation to the actual surgery and follow up appointments, they were very helpful explaining the procedure and answering all my questions. I highly recommend Wright Spellman Plastic Surgery.

- J.C. Real Patient

Plastic Surgeon in Sarasota

Harry V. Wright, MD

Dr. Harry Wright is a Plastic Surgeon in Sarasota specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, head, and neck. A native of coastal Virginia, Dr. Wright completed his residency in Head & Neck Surgery at the prestigious Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, ranked one of the top 6 programs in the field by U.S. News and World Report.

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Plastic Surgeon in Sarasota

Andrea Spellman, DO

Dr. Andrea Spellman is a highly skilled plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetic/cosmetic plastic surgery of the face, head and neck. She acquired her medical degree from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine – Erie, PA and has 12+ years of experience.

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Katherine M.

Dr. Spellman listened to all of my concerns and took the time to go over all of my options with me. I had great results after each treatment with no downtime. Very happy and satisfied...

Danielle G.

Dr. Wright is wonderful! He explained the whole process so I fully understood what was happening. He made me feel so comfortable...

Carla D.

This was my first time getting filler, and I will say I was a little nervous! Dr. Wright took his time explaining to me all the different fillers and which ones he would recommend for my needs...

Jamie F.

I have been a patient of Dr. Wright's for at least 4-5 years now. I can't speak highly enough of his expertise, skill, and professionalism...

Sandy C.

I had severe trauma to my face and I had to have orbital floor eye surgery. Dr. Harry Wright met me in the hospital did my eye surgery. It came out perfect...

Jason A.

5 star service, highly recommended! Very personable and knowledgable staff, clean facilities and very little waiting time...


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Enhance your facial features.


Defining your looks.

Rhinoplasty is an incredibly delicate surgical procedure that elevates the shape, size, and structure of your nose. You may consider rhinoplasty if you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose or suffer from functional problems, such as breathing issues and persistent sinus infections. Our Plastic Surgeon in Sarasota specialize in the latest rhinoplasty techniques, including functional rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, and ethnic rhinoplasty. We ensure the results match your expectations and overall facial anatomy to restore optimal harmony.

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Our facial procedures.

Facelift is a surgical procedure that reverses the signs of aging on the face. The procedure typically involves making strategic incisions around the hairline or behind the ears to trim excess skin tissues, remove excess fat deposits, and tighten underlying muscles. This procedure makes your facial skin look smoother and tighter. We ensure naturalized results and avoid the dreaded over-stretched look. We aim to reintroduce you to your younger self — not turn you into someone you don’t recognize.

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Had a consultation with Dr. Wright. He took his time explaining and answering all my questions and concerns. The details he provided conveyed his level of expertise. He outlined the surgery required as well as the recovery needed. No other doctor I visited was as knowledgeable, kind, patient and experienced. His team is extremely professional. Best in town. Highly recommended!

- N.R. Real Patient

More facial procedures.


A neck lift is a surgical procedure that elevates your contours and reverses the effects of aging on the neck and chin. The procedure typically involves trimming away excess skin tissues, removing excess fat deposits via liposuction, and tightening the underlying platysma muscles. A neck lift is particularly suitable for individuals with a turkey wattle, i.e., excess skin tissues hanging off the chin. A neck lift can make your chin and jawline more angular and chiseled.

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Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, can make your eyes look more radiant and youthful. This procedure is performed but our Plastic Surgeon in Sarasota , it involves trimming excess skin tissues and fat deposits from the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. If you have puffy eyelids, drooping eyelids that obscure your vision, deep tear troughs, or dark circles under your eyes, this procedure might suit you. Our surgeons always conceal the incisions within the natural folds of your skin to minimize their visibility.

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Ear Surgery

Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is recommended for two primary reasons — you have overly protruding ears or dropping ear tips. Depending on your unique goals and concerns, our surgeons may modify the cartilage around your ears to pin them closer to your head and improve your overall facial contours. We also perform earlobe reductions and repairs for patients with overly stretched, damaged, or torn earlobes.

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Love your facial contour.

Our non-surgical treatments.

Facial plastic surgery isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have major facial contour issues, deformities, or severe signs of aging, you don’t necessarily need plastic surgery. Our Plastic Surgeon in Sarasota will gladly advise against surgery if they believe your cosmetic goals can be achieved with less invasive solutions. Cosmetic injectables such as Juvederm or Botox allow us to address mild to moderate signs of aging without incisions or scarring — we can elevate your facial contours with just a few injections!

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facial rejuvenation.

If you’re not prepared for a facelift and other surgical procedures, you have a world of non-surgical and non-invasive options to consider. We offer chemical peels, DiamondGlow, laser skin resurfacing, IPL photofacial, and other skin rejuvenation procedures to improve skin tone and texture. And if you’re concerned about skin laxity, we also offer microneedling, SkinTyte, plasma fibroblast tightening, and other non-invasive means of tightening your skin. Our medical providers will help you select the appropriate treatments.

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I highly recommend Dr. Spellman. She was very friendly, professional and expertly skilled. She did a very thorough consultation, answered all my questions and also communicated what to expect during and after the procedure. After listening to my concerns we agreed tear trough filler and kybella would be the best choices for the results I desired. I will absolutely be scheduling with Dr. Spellman again.

- C.R. Real Patient

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Wright Spellman Plastic Surgery offers highly personalized surgical and non-surgical facial procedures to elevate your beauty. Whether you want to reverse the signs of aging, improve your skin tone, or reverse the signs of aging, we encourage you to schedule an appointment and explore your options with our Plastic Surgeon in Sarasota .

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